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Monday, 03 August 2015 06:08

For the last several years we are working on a different approach to workstation protection. The active protection nowadays used by almost everybody is working like a aspirin. You first must have an headache and then can be cured. Out approach is more like a vitamin, it keeps you healthy so the change of getting a headache is less.

The major form of protection we did is for instance not giving a Gateway address to a workstations IP configuration. This eliminate a lot of software trying on to visit the internet on there own. Placing a Proxy server in your network routes your network on a manageable way. Now you have some way's of logging and not using a very expansive network router doing this job.

BUT now we have redesigned the functionality of a DNS server. Doing almost everything we think is needed. Our DNS server returns ONLY an A address request, needed for workstations, does log every request and returning an changing TTL for a very short adaptable period. Every new request will get the address until it is adjusted manually.

The prototypes are working now. Imaging you can see when a special url's is called by witch Workstation at a certain time interval. The reporting software is now for the coming weeks our main goal of development.

With this reporting software you get answers on questions like :

- what are the new URL request today, this week this month.

- which workstations did a request for a specific URL after a certain date / time .

- how many request in the last day / week / month

- which requests done in the last day by a specific Workstation / LAN IP address

You can help us if you want. The total solutions come with a small PC build with an local HTTP server for management en reporting console.

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Wednesday, 26 June 2013 11:59

We have a new service, recovering or conversion of your PST file.

our service is quick and based on no cure no pay.


How does it works :

you send us a pst file

attach with it what you want  recovery or conversion

we send you 25 records as proof.

you pay € 100 by bank transfer

and we return the complete file to you.

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