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Monday, 03 August 2015 06:08

For the last several years we are working on a different aproach to workstation protection. The active protection nowadays used by almost everybody is working like a aspirine. You first must be sick and then can be cured. Out approach is more like a vitamin, it keeps you healthy so the change of getting a headache is less.

The major form of protection we did is for instance not giving a Gateway address to a workstions IP configuration. This eliminate a lot of software trying on to visit the internet on there own. Placing a Proxy server in your network routes your network on a manageble way. Now you have some way's of logging and not using a very expansive network router doing this job.

BUT now we have redisigned the functionallati of a DNS server. Doing almost everything we think is needed. Out DNS server returns ONLY A adress requests, needed for workstations, does log every request and returning an changing TTL for a very short adaptable period. Every new request will get the adres until it is adjusted manualy.

The proto types are working now. Imaging you can see when a special urls is called by witch Workstation at a certain time interval. The reporting software devellopment is now for the coming weeks our main goal.

You can help us if you want. The total solutions come with a small PC build with SSD drives and reporting software accessible on the local HTTP server. It cost you 500 euro for the machine and 25 euro monthly for the software use.

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Wednesday, 26 June 2013 11:59

We have a new service, recovering or conversion of your PST file.

our service is quick and based on no cure no pay.


How does it works :

you send us a pst file

attach with it what you want  recovery or conversion

we send you 25 records as proof.

you pay € 100 by bank transfer

and we return the complete file to you.

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